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A game that let you have the experience of builds your own Springfield city, the capital of Illinois- The Simpsons Tapped Out. It is a mobile game that is available on the play store for android and the iOS users. The idea of the game is taken from an animated series named The Simpsons. Here one can maintain their town indulging the favorite characters and buildings of your choice. If there is any mess up caused by the character in the game accident, then you need to clean the clutter up to maintain your Springfield.

The game is perfect for those who love the series of The Simpsons and is very cleverly developed by EA Mobile. The game provides both the single player and the multiplayer optimization, so it means that you can also have the fun of building a city along with your friends. Now, when it comes about maintain the funds in the game, if you lose hold of currency then utilize The Simpsons Tapped Out cheats to replenish the funds in unlimited amount.

 In-game currencies

There are several different currencies in the game, some of them are temporary; some are permanent and the expensive ones. But let’s first talk about them one by one:

Cash (money): It is the primary currency that you need to catch hold in the game. There are many ways by which you can earn the cash such as

  • By accomplishing the tasks of the characters
  • Winning it in the scratch-R’s
  • By collecting the rents from the buildings.

Apart from these, the cash can be acquired by exchanging the Krustyland Tickets as well.

Donuts: Donut is the premium currency in The Simpsons Tapped Out. These are very rare and thus are very difficult to obtain. You get two donuts at every level of the game or when you link your account to the game. If you want the donuts in a generous amount, then it can be purchased by spending the currency of real life. But, if you are not willing to do so, then this is the time when The Simpsons Tapped Out hack comes handy in the game.

Experience or XP: It is the currency which is rewarded to the players on completing the task, such as constructing the building, unlocking the characters and by embracing the Springfield city with decorations.

Krustyland Tickets: These tickets are also from one of the prime central funds in the game. This did not form the starting of the game; instead, it was added later in the game with the expansion of Krustyland. The tickets can only be used in the Krustyland that’s why they are named so. One can exchange these tickets for cash in the game. However, to earn the tickets, you can either win them by playing the mini-games at Slideshow You through the buildings.

Temporary currencies

Apart from these main currencies, many temporary currencies are added in the game on occasion to make it a little bit more realistic. Such as treats, Santa coins, and the hearts were added as the temporary currencies in the game on the occasions of Christmas and Valentine’s Day respectively.

There was one temporary currency in the game called the snakes; these can be only collected. One can’t spend them anywhere.

Rest you will become familiar to other currencies as well in the game while playing.


  • Features

Now, that the interests have been raised so much, now it is almost irresistible to not talk about the features of the game.  So, without any delay, let’s catch hold of some of its amazing features.

  • Management of the Springfield

Want to have a blissful experience of managing a city? Here you can take control over every single thing of the Springfield.

  • Immerse in your Springfield city with your favorite characters

Help the people residing in your Springfield city to reunite with their loved ones.  Add your favorite characters to the town and maintain the population in the game and have fun enjoying the stories of the city.


Now after acquainting with handful knowledge about the currencies and the features of the game, hurry up and have fun creating your own Springfield world.